March 5, 2007

A New Look, a New Name

Well, I’ve finally taken the plunge and spun off the English blog from the rest of my site. Hopefully this will give me more motivation to write new posts here. Maybe I’ll get really crazy and add some other stuff, too, like the FAQ and style guide that I’ve always dreamed about.

But for now I’m just worried about ironing out the kinks in my new skin. I’m pretty pleased with it so far, especially since it’s basically the product of one day’s work.

I apologize to all those who will have to unsubscribe from the old blog and subscribe to this one instead, but the old installation was messy—I was running two blogs on one installation thanks to a plug-in called Multiply. I thought it would be nice to have everything on one installation, but it caused a lot of other complications (like the inadvertent death of the Arts & Letters blog). So hopefully the move will have a few different advantages.

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